Welcome to unitednegotiations.com, our website to provide updated information regarding negotiations between United and our employee groups. We have achieved joint collective bargaining agreements covering more than 40,000 of our represented employees, as well as single agreements covering our technicians and flight attendants from each subsidiary.

Latest updates

  • United and IBT to resume negotiations next week

    From June 28 through June 30 of next week, we will resume mediation with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. We have made great progress so far this year on reaching industry leading agreements for our employees -- including today’s announcement that we’ve reached proposed terms for a joint contract for flight attendants -- and we are eager to reach an agreement like these for our top-notch technicians.

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  • United And AFA Reach Agreement For Flight Attendants

    United and the Association of Flight Attendants announced today that they have reached an agreement on terms of a joint contract that would bring the airline’s more than 25,000 flight attendants together into a single work group.

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  • United, NMB and IBT meet, set dates for negotiations

    This week, United, the National Mediation Board and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters met in Washington, D.C., to discuss the next steps toward reaching a joint collective bargaining agreement for the company’s technicians. We made progress this week, and we look forward to returning to the bargaining table so we can reach an industry leading agreement as soon as possible for our dedicated, highly skilled technicians.

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  • Dates set for flight attendant negotiations

    As a follow-up to Saturday’s negotiation update, National Mediation Board (NMB) member Linda Puchala will oversee a mediation session with United and the Association of Flight Attendants the week of June 20th in Chicago. Ahead of that session, the NMB has directed the two parties to meet in Chicago the week of June 13. We remain committed to bringing this negotiation to a successful close.

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  • Flight Attendant Negotiations Update

    United and the Association of Flight Attendants met in Reston, VA, this week for joint contract negotiations under the supervision of the National Mediation Board. We are at an important stage in the negotiations process, and the NMB is in the process of scheduling an additional mediation session with both parties. We expect this will take place very soon, and we will share the dates with our flight attendants as soon as they are set. We appreciate the work of both negotiating teams and the NMB to bring this to closure.

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  • United and IBT join NMB for status conference

    Today, representatives from United and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters met with the National Mediation Board in Washington, D.C. at a status conference to discuss next steps in the mediated negotiations process. Both sides expressed a continued desire to recommence mediation as soon as possible in order to conclude a JCBA.

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  • United and AFA continue negotiations 

    On Friday, United and the Association of Flight Attendants completed a week of negotiations in Reston, Virginia. The company and the union spent the week seeking to resolve outstanding core issues related to scheduling, with the assistance of two National Mediation Board mediators. We remain diligently focused on reaching an industry leading deal for our flight attendants. Negotiations will resume on June 1st. 

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  • UA and IBT to join NMB for status conference

    The National Mediation Board advised UA and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters today that the parties are to attend a status conference on May 23 in Washington, D.C. At the status conference, we expect the NMB, UA and IBT will discuss the next steps in the mediation process.

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  • United and AFA Make Progress In Negotiations

    United and AFA continued NMB-supervised contract negotiations from April 21 through April 29 in Chicago.

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  • IAM-represented employees vote to ratify all tentative agreements

    United and the International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers announced today that the company’s nearly 30,000 IAM-represented employees have voted overwhelmingly to ratify seven new contracts.

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